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This series of drawings tell the story of a world very similar to our own. Made using architectural drafting techniques, they explore how using a system of simple rules (restricting the angles of lines, repeating components, fractal logic) can yield … Continue reading

Loud Objects

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The Loud Objects (Kunal Gupta, Tristan Perich, & Katie Shima) create electronic noise with minimal components. The group solders custom audio circuits live, creating audible fluctuations of electricity with these bare elements. Gradually building a complex sound circuit, they present … Continue reading

Ice Paintings

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These paintings are the documentation of an experiment conducted between the hours of 10 pm and 6 am one night in September, 2006. The result of frozen ice melting and dripping from an elastic pulley into eight paper cones over … Continue reading


One View from Inside a Grain Silo, 2005
© 2006 katie. All rights reserved.

Infrared film photographs and┬ámanipulations of the print development process.